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Enhance efficiency with Work Order Training for

Express Maintenance CMMS  Version 8 and Version 9

Our Training & Media Program is an online education resource that empowers asset management administrators and end users with the tools and knowledge required to stay up to date on industry best practices and create stability in the manufacturing process.

Close the

Training Gap

When it comes to training your team, consistency, simplicity and flexibility are paramount, which is why you need a training solution that provides skills you can measure and track.


Our mission is to mitigate chaos on the production floor by minimizing  'the training gap' for manufacturers.


The more skilled and proficient your team, the smoother things run.



Not everyone learns at the same pace. Our online training allows users to fast track through modules or rewind mid-lesson to clarify concepts.


We've broken down complex technical information into quick modules, each followd by a short exam. To receive a valid certification, users are required to pass all module exams and must also demonstrate proficiency in our Practicum Sandbox.

Skill Driven


We specialize in managing all your training needs. From compliance training to cross training employees, we make tracking effortless with built-in alerts and notifications.

  • Required Compliance Training
  • Specific Skills Training
  • OSHA Training
  • Skills Matrix Training


  • Management Oversight
  • Successful Learning Feedback
  • New Hire Training
  • Advanced Topical Training




Our Training Programs are the result of more than 20 years of coaching and training maintenance teams.


From the beginning, we knew that our online training proram would require two things:  automated progress tracking for management, and a training system that definitively indicates the proficiency of the user.  We utilize module exams to test knowledge and a hands-on practicum to reinforce training concepts.

Why train online?

Current Course: Work Order Certification for

Express Maintenance (EM) CMMS

Work Order Certification


Skill Level: Entry Level

Language: English

Contents: 1 Course

Software: Express Maintenance CMMS

Modules Included in COURSE ONE:

General Introduction G-INT200

Companies, Vendors, Customers A-CMP200

Services, Service Overview, Create PMs M-SPS200

Create Repair Services M-RPR200

Parts Overview P-POV200

Add Parts M-PRT200

Work Orders Via Express Request M-WRK200

Demand Work Orders M-WDE200

Work Orders Via  PM Svcs M-SVC200

Closing Work Orders M-MCS200

Work Orders via  Mobile Apps TBD

Predictive Maintenance Services TBD

(831) 275-0692 | Learning Hotline

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Training & Media FAQ


  • How do I purchase training?

    To purchase the Work Order Certification Course for your team, get in touch with us via email or phone, or click HERE to get the ball rolling with our online form. We take a range of payment options including Credit Cards, ACH, Wire Transfer or even good old fashion Purchase Order.

  • What if I have more than 3 trainees?

    Contact us and we will customize a training plan that fits your training and budgetary needs.

  • What is the Practicum?

    The Practicum is available only after all Module Exams have been passed. It simulates a real world environment where a Work Order must be completed. Users follow a scenario (using a mouse and keyboard) in working with all aspects of  Work Orders.

  • How do I access the training I've purchased?

    Once you've purhased your Training, our Support Staff will help you naviagate training set- up and Expectations. The first step is to designate an Administrator; that person will identify the individuals who will receive training and certifications.

    Our Learning Mamagement System is conveniently Cloud based: training can be conducted anywhere with an Internet  connection without having to download software or involve your IT department.

  • What if I need a custom quote on training?

    No problem, We can even offer special discounts for large teams who want to have their training managed annually. Get in touch, we have a solution for you.

  • What guarantee do I have that this training will work?

    The beauty of our training is in our multi facted approach to learning:

    • Approachable 10-15 minute Modules, with short exams that speak directly to the content and grow skills and confidence
    • Flexible Learning that allows the user to interact with the material at their pace
    • Cummulative learning that builds skills and knowledge
    • Hands on Practicum that simulates real life scenarios
    • Certfications that promote career advancement and business culture
  • I have no time, what is my role as the "Admin"

    Fear not! Your role as Admin is a walk in the park. After designating the users you'd like to train, sit back and receive automatic notifications on who has completed training or failed to complete training.  Our training methodology identifies weaknesses in your team's knowledge base and provides the ability to cross train, so you never have to worry about prodution loss when an indivudual technician leaves your company.

  • What is the benefit of this training to Users

    The Return on Investments for Training your team:

    • Stay within Compliance (Automatic Training Reminders)
    • Increase confidence on the prodution floor
    • Mitigate Chaos
    • Potential Career Advancement
    • HR requirements satisfied
    • Cloud based, 24/7 access to training gives the User ultimate control
    • Short Modules make Training a breeze
    • Cross Training minimizes chaos and manimizes results on the production floor
  • About Certifications

    Certifications aren't just a piece of paper:

    They are a true testament to newly acquired skills.

    Certfifications are a 3 prong strategy.

     1. Watch Modules

    2. Take and pass Modules Quizzes

    3. Test newly acquired skills in our Practicum Simulator to gain Certifications

  • How does my team access training?

    Your designated trainees can access training 24/7, anywhere with an Internet connection. It's effortless, flexible and effective. Users can navigate through modules at their pace, moving backwards to review concepts or testing out of modules in which they already excel.

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