Shop Floor Control &

Labor Tracking Software


• Reduce Labor Cost

• Improve Labor Efficiency & Productivity

• Quarterly Improvement Reviews

Manufacturing Asset Solutions

Our systems allow companies to track and control Labor and Attendance activities of all employees, including:

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During the past 20 years, Ettendra has helped

national and international companies in North

America and Europe reduce their fixed Labor Costs

by an average of 25% while improving their Labor

Efficiency & Productivity by an average of 30%.


Ettendra is a complete and integrated Shop Floor

Control Software that easily manages Labor

Tracking, Time, Attendance and Labor Cost Control

Systems for accountability and management of all

employee activities, labor and job assignments.


Flexible and comprehensive, Ettendra uses existing

IT infrastructure and can be setup and running in

less than 15 minutes. We are strongly committed to

helping customers reduce their Labor Costs and

increase their Labor Efficiency and Productivity.


How it works: